Wood-Fired Restaurants & Smokehouses

Providing the highest quality kiln-dried hardwoods for cooking and smoking is the core of our business. We supply over a dozen restaurants in the southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island area. Not every restaurant wants the same wood but you all want it consistently the way you want it. Let us know what you are looking for and we will do our best to make it happen. 

Pricing Does Change Periodically So Please Give us a Call

Step 1.  Calculate delivery Fee.
We have a $2/mile delivery fee from our wood lot in Tiverton (Eagleville Road, RI). This fee is flat weather you are buying a quarter cord or our 3.5 cord delivery max. 
Step 2.  Find your volume price.
Product                                <1 Cords/Month                1-2 Cords/Month            3+ Cords/Month
Kiln-dried Hardwood
Cord                                              $375                                          $365                                   $355
Half Cord                                     $215                                                                            
Quarter Cord                              $125    
Cherry/Maple wood.   Call for pricing and availability
We also have Kiln-dried Pine for outdoor events and campfire wood, as well as wood bricks, kindling and wood pellets!