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Firewood Products


Sustainably sourced, all-natural packaging, clean, bug-free, burns hot and slow! 

The Party Torch

Wolesale:    $6.50

Retail:          $9.95

Volume:        0.75 cuft

The Party Torch is approximately 0.75 cubic feet of pine you can take to the party and light with a single match. The pine is light. The natural fiber handle allows for easy carrying and burns away. The wick is included and really does light the torch like a candle. It is very simple and yet it is the coolest firewood product you have seen. Great for summer campfires and beach BBQ’s. It’s for people who don’t like lighting fires, and for people who love fires! The Party Torch should be placed on a non-burnable surface such as in a fire pit or on the beach. 

Hardwood & Pine Bundles


Wholesale:        $4.40

Retail                  $6.49

Volume:             0.75 cuft  



Wholesale:       $3.95

Retail                 $5.99

Volume:            1.0 cuft

Our wood has been kiln dried to be clean, bug-free, and most importantly, dry and easy to burn. Our wood is sourced locally from sustainably managed woodlots.


Our packaging is made from heavy-duty Kraft paper and hemp rope. You no longer have to deal with the plastic wrap garbage and the nylon handle you often can’t get off the wood it is stapled to. Store this product in a rainproof area. The Kraft paper is tough and reinforced with hemp rope, but it is not intended to be waterproof.


A little extra care taken in the transportation and display of this product is a fair price to pay for the increased quality and the economic, social and environmental benefits this product offers our local communities. 

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